The Nathalie Suite is an ancient rural house, composed of a typical trullo, located in the ancient heart of Alberobello, in Rione Monti. In 2018, it was carefully restored with the care and attention that is reserved for a family home.

When we renovated the Nathalie Suite we dreamed of a place of well-being and relaxation, where history and beauty coexisted in a style of casual elegance, devoted to total comfort.

Respecting the original setting of these old rural houses in the restructuring, we enhanced the potential and character with furnishings and details that often reveal significant traces of never forgotten stories.

We have added another natural element to the trulli's stone: water.

In fact, between arches and conical roofs, a secret trove is hidden, designed to give you intense moments of relaxation: a private spa, with a large whirlpool tub carved into the rock where you can immerse yourself in the utmost privacy for an unforgettable wellness stay.

We have exclusively chosen natural materials, such as wood, copper and exposed stone.

We dared to combine, with incessant grace, warm colours with cold ones: the evocative blue of the sky and the sea, with the ochre and reds of the rocks and the most fiery sunsets.

We have selected the best fabrics from Pasteca La Mandragora, a shop in Alberobello specialised in high-quality fabrics: cottons, canaponi, linens and raw linen made on the frame embellish the bathrooms, the double bed and every corner of the kitchen.

Every corner of the house, from the living room to the master bedroom, from the kitchen to the two bathrooms up to the solarium – from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the entire city of Alberobello – has kept the poetry of a timeless place, and a shelter of emotions.

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