Nathalie Suite: an oasis of well-being in the heart of Alberobello

Experiencing the joy of sleeping inside a trullo is now an easily achievable dream.

Enjoy the rare experience of relaxing in a private spa, built inside a trullo.

We are in Alberobello, the beating heart of Valle d’Itria: here are the chiancharelle, the typical stone slabs with which the roofs of the trulli are made, that model the landscape. An expanse of trulli – of different shapes and sizes – follow one another in a maze of narrow streets, where the whiteness of the lime contrasts with the stone’s grey: a mystical experience that can only be experienced in this corner of Apulia.

This is where the trullo stands, in the centre of Alberobello, in the Monti district, among small craft shops and historic memory of Alberobello, where you can stop and listen to ancient tales.

It was not easy to bring it back to its ancient beauty: we underwent a lengthy restoration work, carried out by precious local stonemasons. The result is a structure whose internal and external image appears refined and rigorous and where the theme of restoration has been a stimulus for planning.

But our dream was much bigger: to get inside what was a rural and precarious home – the story says that the trulli had been conceived to be “dismantled” easily – a special place, where you can take care of the body and spirit.

Because, when you cross the threshold of the Nathalie Suit, it is a bit like breathing a breath of authenticity accompanied by a veil of mystery: a place inhabited by man for hundreds of years, where every stone tells a story. This is why we chose to be as conservative as possible in our restoration.

We have chosen to preserve the ancient stone that covers all the walls and to obtain a spacious bedroom with private bathroom in the largest alcove; the main trullo was instead destined to the living area, while a large room with vaulted vaults has become the kitchen with a splendid view of the private outside. A few stairs lead to a private solarium, which offers an exceptional view of Alberobello: a corner of light where to choose whether to have breakfast or to enjoy some sun. Every detail was chosen with care, nothing left to chance: every finish is the result of a careful selection of craftsmen and materials, from the copper taps to the hand-painted ceramics of the lamps, to the fabrics that embellish the bedroom.

And if all this is not enough, let us explain what makes the Nathalie Suite truly unique and special: a large whirlpool tub with polychrome lights, for the private use of our guests and accessible 24 hours a day. An oasis of well-being to be shared with your partner and to be lulled by the beneficial properties of colours and the whirlpool, an eternal panacea to detoxify and purify the body and mind.
The Nathalie Suite is just that: a place to enjoy rare discreet luxury.